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The online shop will only offer me the option for "Local Pickup",  even through the recipient of the flowers lives in the Hamilton/ Burlington delivery zone.

Delivery Troubleshooting

Delivery is only available to Hamilton/Burlington addresses within the delivery zone, which is determined by postal code. If you live outside of the delivery zone, but the recipient lives within the delivery zone, the website may be recognizing your address/postal code instead of the recipients and not offering you the option to have the flowers delivered. To check if this is the case, when you are on the My Cart page and ready to checkout, click on the underlined text that reads Ontario, Canada (circled in red below):



Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 2.56.29 PM.png

A pop-up will appear titled Select Destination, please make sure that the postal code entered in the bottom box titled Zip/Postal Code (circled in red below) belongs to the intended recipient of the flowers, and then click Update:





Delivery should now show up as an option for you!

If that does not work, please double check that the address you wish to send the flowers to is covered in the delivery zone, then send us an email and we will look into it right away. 

Covered Postal Codes include any that begin with:
Hamilton: L8P*, L8E*, L8H*, L8J*, L8L*, L8K*, L8M*, L8N*, L8R*, L9C*, L8S*, L8T*, L8V*, L8W*, L9A*, L9B*, L8G*, L9H*, L9G*, L9K*, L8B*
Burlington: L7L*, L7M*, L7N*, L7P*, L7R*, L7S*, L7T*

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